About us

DALYELEC.EU is a independent reseller / distributor for Dongguan Da Li Electronics Co., Ltd. who is the manufacturer and is located in Dongguan, Da li is a high-tech enterprise recognized by Dongguan Science and Technology Commission. DALYELEC.EU is part of the JRSE ltd. group who is specialized in reselling and distribution of electronic parts and test and measurement for the electronics industrie and is located in Hong Kong central.

Da li is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of lithium battery protection board (BMS). "Only safety, not to be" is the quality policy that "Da Li" always implements. The company has an internationally standardized quality management system, and every product that is oriented to the market is boosted to achieve "Lithium production. Boutique."

Da li has a high-quality R&D, production and management team with rich professional theoretical knowledge, product design and production management experience. The company also has several senior engineers and senior experts who specialize in the battery management system (BMS) industry for more than ten years. They are dedicated to product research and development, and have participated in the preparation and preparation of lithium battery technology series. [Lithium Battery Management System Detailed Explanation], [Lithium Battery PACK Daquan and industry related national standards (GB). The company has a complete standard testing laboratory, dozens of lithium battery protection board testing, aging, reliability testing equipment, providing reliable quality assurance for product testing and inspection.