Li-ion 4S 12V 30A - 40A BMS


Daly Li-ion 4S 12V 30A to 40A BMS 

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  1. Charching Protection : eiko IC Effectively Controls MOS to Prevent
    Battery Overcharge and Battery Explosion
  2. Discharge Protection : Prevent Battery Power from Dying and Affect
    the Life of Lithium Batteries.
  3. Over Current Protection : Prevent the Battery from Being Damaged by
    Excessive Instantaneous Current.
  4. Short Circuit Protection : Automatic Protection during Abnormal short
    Circuit to Prevent Battery.
  5. Temperature Protection : The NTC Temperature Control Probe is added to Prevent the Damage caused by the Sponta-neous Combustion of the Battery When the Temperature is too high.
  6. Drop Protection : When the Cable is Off,then the BMS has no


3S 12.6V Detail Spec
Discharge Maximal Continuous Discharging Current  10A 15A 25A 35A 45A 60A
Peak Discharging Current 30A 50A 60A 100A 180A 180A
Over Current Protection Current 30A 50A 60A 100A 180A 180A
Charge Charging Voltage 12.6V
Charging Current 10A 15A 25A 35A 45A 60A
Over charge protection Over Charge Detection Voltage 4.25±0.025V
Over Charge Detection Delay Time 0.5S
Over Charger Release Voltage 4.19±0.05V
Cell balancing Cell balancing Detection Voltage 4.18V
Cell balancing Release Voltage 4.18V
Cell balancing Current 35±5mA
Over discharge protection Over Discharge Detection Voltage 2.8±0.05V
Over Discharge Detection Delay Time 0.5S
Over Discharger Release Voltage 3.0±0.05V
Over current protection Over Current Detection Voltage 150mV
Over Current Detection Delay Time 9MS
Over Current Protection Condition Disconnect the load
Short Protection Detection Condition Exterior Short Curcuit
Detection Delay Time 250uS
Release Condition Disconnect the load
Temperature Protection 65 degree or 75 degree optional
Internal Resistance MOSPET ≤10mΩ