Li-ion 7S 24V 30A - 40A BMS


Li-ion 6S 24V 30A - 40A BMS

  1. Charching Protection : eiko IC Effectively Controls MOS to Prevent
    Battery Overcharge and Battery Explosion
  2. Discharge Protection : Prevent Battery Power from Dying and Affect
    the Life of Lithium Batteries.
  3. Over Current Protection : Prevent the Battery from Being Damaged by
    Excessive Instantaneous Current.
  4. Short Circuit Protection : Automatic Protection during Abnormal short
    Circuit to Prevent Battery.
  5. Temperature Protection : The NTC Temperature Control Probe is added to Prevent the Damage caused by the Sponta-neous Combustion of the Battery When the Temperature is too high.
  6. Drop Protection : When the Cable is Off,then the BMS has no